SA&AP depot from Luling, TX


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Doing some snooping around in Luling yesterday, looking at the old SA&AP right of way when I noticed this.  While at first glance it could be passed over because of the stone facade, something about the building caught my eye.  The roof line looks very much like a SA&AP depot.  I drove down to check the other side and sure enough, the rock facade is sitting in front of a wooden structure.  The exposed wooden end has a newer siding installed so it’s difficult to say for absolute.  I can say that the main structure is older than the rest.  If you note, the roof of the structure is showing it’s age in areas where you can see sagging.
I don’t know if I’m right or not.  To me for some reason, it just screams SA&AP depot.  The location is right for it too!  The road I’m on is where the tracks came through.  Behind me stands the old Tower that once guarded the crossing.  

What do y’all think?
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- RR_Tycoon (GR)
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