Friends of the SP794 Win in 2018 Mayor's Light Up Downtown Contest


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Members of the Museums

A big Thank You goes out to all of you that consistantly voted during the contest.  We pulled in the "People's Choice" award in the Non-profit category.  We are grateful for all of your support and our members that helped out last November by volunteering many hours by testing strings of lights, buying lights, donating money to purchase new lights and tape, stringing extension cords and lights to decorate "Sunny".  All of your hard work paid off in the end!

Just like the previous nine years that we have decorated the locomotive, she has attracted the eyes of people from arround the country and around the world for that matter.  New Year's Eve, she had visitors from places like Yuma, AZ, and Frankfurt Germany.  The photo below was taken the morning of Dec 22, 2018.  This was the second year that we were contacted by members of a couple of amatuer photography groups for a special light up session.  We were even able to gain one as SARHM member this year during the SP794 Christmas Light Up ceremony.  


Thanks again to everyone for your votes and your help to make the Lighting of SP794 in 2018 a Big Success.

Happy Rails!
          Located within 2 miles of MP 10.5 on the old SAAP Line (AKA SPRR Rockport line).
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