Marvin D. Tieken, Jr.

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It is with great sorrow that we mourn the loss of one of our charter members, Mr. Marvin D. Tieken, Jr. He just celebrated his 62nd birthday when he passed from this world on October 13, 2008. He is survived by his sister and many friends.

Mr. Tieken retired from the Southern Pacific Railroad, and then was called back to work for the Union Pacific Railroad after the merger. Later, he was employed by Trans-Texas Rail Shops.

Marvin had a deep admiration for the railroad and the historical value of the railroad industry’s equipment. He was a member of the crew that converted the UP #844 from friction bearing to roller bearing trucks. 

Marvin will be greatly missed by the members of SARHM. Not only for his sense of humor and great stories but for his vast knowledge of locomotives and troubleshooting skills.

Gone but, always remembered…
Marvin D. Tieken, Jr.
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