We are proud of our South Texas Railroads and since you are on our site, we figure that you are proud of them also.  Here is your chance to show off your photography skills and share your photos of anything South Texas railroad related.

So what do I get if my photo is selected as the winner?
If your photo is selected, we will format it and place it as the "Featured Image of the Month" on the opening page of SARHM.ORG for the next month.  You naturally get all the bragging rights that go along with the title of "SARHM MONTHLY PHOTOGRAPHY WINNER".

Did you mention any rules?
Yes, naturally there are always rules with any and every contest.....so here is the fine print.  But Seriously.

  1. Submissions must be made by validated SARHM.org website user with an actual/verified email address.
  2. Photos must be the work of the submitter.   (It's an honesty thing.)
  3. The submitted photo will only contain railroad related subjects.  This means no inappropriate content will be tolerated.  Content will be deleted and the submitter's account will be banned permanently.
  4. The Submitter owns the photo, however, by participating in this contest, the submitter grants SARHM, permission to use/display the submitted photo, either in its entirety or portions of the photo on the SARHM website or it's associated websites.
  5. Only one (1) photo will be submitted in each topic.
  6. The cut off time for submissions is Midnight (12:00 am CST/CDT) on the 25th of each month.
  7. Winner will be selected by popular vote by the SARHM.ORG website members.  Site administrators will only cast their votes in case of a tie.  Suggest that you make your submissions early in the month to achieve maximum votes.
  8. All submissions will be moved individually to the appropriate South Texas Railroad Photos forums after the winner has been selected.
  9. The winning photo will be set as the Featured Image of the Month on the opening page of SARHM.ORG for the next month....ie.  If you submitted the winning photo in March, it will be displayed for the entire month of April.
Include in your post:  Location of where the photo was taken, Description of the photo subject, and the time and date.
If you agree to the above rules, enter I Agree in the answer box.
Don't worry, we have posted these rules again as a sticky post in the forum.

You will be asked to answer the introduction question if you enter this forum
(unless you have answered it already)