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PVT Car Protection

I have owned private railroad cars since 1970. I have learned time and again that a roof MUST be over any car to protect it. Rotted window sills can be clad with common aluminum faced bitumastic chimney flashing. Check local hardware stores. Roof seams too……….. etc.

Your MKT car has lost most of its door hardware!  John Suscheck of Ozark Mountain Rail Sales has a ton of heavyweight passenger car door hinges and latches….. I sold it all to him last fall!  Ask him for a list….. or provide YOUR list to him. Included end car heavy door latches and hinges..also hall swinging door hinges.

Suuggest you provide a "contact us" link on your Home web page.

After you finish these cars you might want to set up 1st class dining trips on the cars. This would be fantastic!! $50 per plate.  These cars can be served in their compartments
with lower berth seats and a table in between. Nice and private.  
Check how the Napa Wine train does it………..
              They serve two sittings…….. second sitting is in the lounge obs room, etc.
              After first group finishes they switch and the first group has desert in the obs room, etc.

Good luck…….. Doug Brown

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