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Built-in 1910 by Pullman (Lot 3804, Plan 2416) for the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) as a steel parlor car, named “Hartley”. The car was returned to Pullman. Pullman sold the car to the SSW April 4th, 1940, rebuilt it as a Dining Lounge car, #242. The car only saw service for a short time as #242 before it was placed in storage later in 1940.  The #242 was pulled from storage in 1953 when the SSW management decided to convert it into an official car.  When the #242 emerged from the shop, it was now known as the SSW #1 “Dixie” making it the second car to be numbered #1 for the SSW and the third car to carry the name “Dixie”. When released from the shop, the “Dixie” was painted in the Southern Pacific(SP) inspired orange and red “Daylight” paint scheme. The “Dixie” remained in this scheme till 1960 when it was repainted into the 'Simulated Stainless Steel' (SSS) with the scarlet red letter-board paint scheme of the SP. Ultimately the “Dixie” was retired in early 1970 and sold to Bovay Engineers. Later was sold to private ownership, date unknown.

 The “Dixie” was moved to a ranch near Landes, TX where it remained till 1986 when it was moved again. At this time, the “Dixie” was going to be readied for an operational restoration. It moved around from Dallas down to San Antonio where it was shopped at PFL Industries in Kirby, TX where it was going through prolonged restoration. From there it was moved to Trans-Texas Rail (TTR).  It remained at TTR for many years before ownership was transferred to the Cotton Belt Railroad Museum in Tyler, TX. The car remained in their ownership till June 20th, 2019, when the “Dixie” was donated to the San Antonio Railroad Heritage Museum.

Car Stats:
  • Length – 73' 6” over sill ends; 83' 10” over couplers
  • Steel Body
  • Steel “fishbelly” underframe
  • Equipped with 6-wheel steel trucks, 11' 0” wheelbase, 5”x9” Timken roller bearings.  The trucks originally came from the SSW #5, “Fair Lane”
  • - Weight 187,080 lbs.
We have a created a couple of Galleries for the Dixie;

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          Located within 2 miles of MP 10.5 on the old SAAP Line (AKA SPRR Rockport line).
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